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Practical Tips for Businesses During Covid — From Surviving to Thriving

When news first spread about the Coronavirus pandemic, nobody could have reasonably expected the impact to be as widespread as it has been or for the pandemic to last for so long. Sadly, we’ve read about and learned first hand about many businesses who have been devastated in the short-term, and even others that have been forced to close.

Having said that, on the bright side there are many businesses that have managed to stay afloat during these challenging times, while a more select group have pivoted effectively and have actually increased their bottom line. So, we thought it might be worthwhile to dive into practical tips for your business — to not only survive during these challenging times, but to thrive!

Tip #1

Use proper cleaning procedures and ensure safety in the workplace

For many small businesses, having your employees work from home just isn’t an option. If your business relies on a brick and mortar location with employees and customers having to be physically present, make sure you implement appropriate cleaning and safety procedures at your business location.

In addition to regularly cleaning all frequently touched surfaces, including doorknobs, table surfaces and handrails… make certain to have disposable wipes on hand and provide employees with tissues and no-touch trash cans for easy disposal. Make sure you provide hand sanitizer as well as soap and water in multiple locations. Proper hygiene and cleaning procedures will help keep everyone safer. And, of course, take the proper precaution with the respect to protective barriers, enforcing mask compliance, and separation requirements. Not only with this keep people safe, it will inspire confidence from both you employees and customers.

As a side note, we also highly recommend that employers take the lead and counsel employees on implementing as many of these practices as possible in their homes. We’ve all learned that Covid is highly communicable and transmittable and it’s important that all precautions are taken in the home as well for maximum safety.

Tip #2

Stay informed about what’s going on in your city, county and state

Yes, the pandemic is a national and even a global problem wreaking havoc on individual health and having a massive impact on local, state, and national economies. However, every state and local government has its own way of enforcing Covid related restrictions and regulations. It’s critically important that you understand how to keep your business compliant in all ways within the jurisdiction you operate your business out of.

There are also various business related economic assistance efforts available at various times to support businesses. In Nevada, we’ve seen assistance be offered at the state level and at the local government level, including across southern Nevada and Clark County, City of Henderson, City of N. Las Vegas, and City of Las Vegas. The demand on these programs is quite heavy so it’s critical that you respond to any opportunity that presents itself swiftly.

We highly recommend you stay in frequent contact with state and local officials who will be issuing updated guidance for your community. This will ensure that you’re informed about any new restrictions, regulations or assistance efforts where you do business.

Tip #3

Look at your competition – what are they doing and what can you learn from them?

As noted in the introduction, some businesses are being adversely impacted much so than others. Closely observe the ones that seem to be making it through this crisis and learn what they’re doing differently. In performing this assessment, it’s important to look at both your indirect and direct competition to best understand what others are doing and which strategies appear to be the most effective.

There are countless opportunities to adjust  and pivot your strategy and the positioning of your business to better meet the challenges of these times and outperform your competition. If you understand at a fundamental level what your industry is doing and what customers are being most responsive to, you can only find a path for today’s business climate, but can get ready to have an advantage as businesses return to normal operations post-pandemic.

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